In order to use HyperDone Public API you need to obtain API key for each board you want to programmatically interact with.

API key you can find in Board Settings from the right side menu on each board.

To do your first API call try to do GET request to URL

In the header of the request, you need to pass the ApiKey header with the value you find in the settings of the board. If you get 200 Ok result it means you successfully authenticated.

Available API methods


For all GET requests it is enough to just pass API key of the board for which you want to get Columns, BoardMembers, or Tags.

Add task

To create a new task programmatically do POST request to .

You will need to pass ApiKey of the board in which you want to create a Task in the Header of the request. You will also need to pass following parameters in Body of the request as JSON:

  1. TaskName – required
  2. TaskDescription (Optional)
  3. ColumnId (Id of the column in which you want to create Task on the board. You can obtain all the columns with Ids by calling GetColumns first.)
  4. ColumnDate ( If the board is Calendar board instead of passing ColumnId you can pass the date of a column in which you want to create a Task. If you don’t pass ColumnId or ColumnDate tasks will be created in the first available column. If the board has no regular columns it will be created in Today Column on Calendar boards.)
  5. DueDate
  6. Tags (This is an array of tagIds you want to use on this task. Optional.)
  7. AssignedTo (This is an array of userIds of BoardMembers you want to assign task to. Optional.)

Rate limit

For our API we do have a rate-limiting implemented.

For GET requests 30 requests per minute are allowed.
For POST requests 180 requests per minute are allowed.